34 Pictures You Need To See Before A Zombie Eats You Alive

If you haven’t already heard, the world is ending and zombies are about to take over the world. Check out this list if you’re still alive.

1. An alpaca wearing a scarf:

ID: 332899

2. This 2-liter child:

ID: 332894

3. A puppy with a eyepatch that is actually a heart:

ID: 332892

4. Jesus on a computer:

ID: 332896

5. This photoshop-obsessed duck:

ID: 332897

6. This horrifying drawing of Jennifer Aniston:

ID: 332916

7. A bird playing Connect Four:

ID: 334074

8. This dog wearing sunglasses hanging out of a car window:

ID: 332823

9. A boy having a conversation with a mini horse:

ID: 334076

10. A horse in a wig:

ID: 334078

11. A pug in a Chris Kirkpatrick wig:

ID: 334109

12. A pug with a monocle:

ID: 334082

13. A pug on a bulldog:

ID: 334081

14. And a pug on a trampoline:

ID: 332902

16. An owl that looks like Michael Cera:

ID: 334079

17. These stylish pigs:

ID: 334080

18. A baby duck in a dog bowl:

ID: 334083

19. A basset hound driving a convertible:

ID: 334084

20. A lady that married a cat:

ID: 334085

21. This sad little girl who caught a mustache:

ID: 334088

22. This woman trying to eat a laptop:

ID: 334136

23. This woman trying to eat a laptop:

ID: 334143

24. This woman trying to eat a laptop:

ID: 334141

25. This woman trying to eat a laptop:

ID: 334142

26. This woman trying to eat a really old laptop:

ID: 334139

27. And this dog using a laptop properly:

ID: 334138

28. A cat wearing a necklace made out of balloons:

ID: 334091

29. This bunny getting a blowout:

ID: 334086

30. This dog with a bunch of pancakes on his head:

ID: 334093

31. A drunk flamingo:

ID: 334094

32. Snoop Dogg with two dolphins:

ID: 334114

33. Snoop Dogg with a sea lion:

ID: 334075

34. And a horse that just committed a crime:

ID: 334090

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