This Is What Hollywood Used To Look Like

Turn-of-the-century Hollywood vs. 2013 Hollywood. Things are just a little different now.

At the turn of the century, Hollywood was mostly orange groves and strawberry fields.

All of the following pictures are from Hollywood. For real. Not kidding.

ID: 842196

2. Then: The scenery

ID: 842041

3. Now: The scenery

ID: 842133

4. Then: A group of nice young ladies on Hollywood Blvd.

ID: 842023

5. Now: Some douche with an “IMDB ME” license plate on Hollywood Blvd.

ID: 842138

6. Then: West Hollywood

ID: 842028

7. Now: West Hollywood

ID: 842143

8. Then: Two dudes pointing out over some of the Hollywood land

ID: 842027

9. Now: Two dudes who look basically nothing like Edward and Jacob basically begging for tips on the Walk Of Fame

ID: 842151

10. Then: Orange groves

ID: 842236

11. Now: This guy

ID: 842116

12. Then: People farming with some horses

ID: 842024

13. Now: A guy in a trashcan

ID: 842137

14. Then: Hollywood Boulevard and Wilcox Avenue

ID: 842035

15. Now: A trashcan bonfire

ID: 842125

16. Then: Wilcox Ave. from south of Hollywood Blvd.

ID: 842034

17. Now: A dancing rat with pink highlights

ID: 842123

18. Then: An orange grove near Western and Hollywood Boulevard

ID: 842032

19. Now: Traffic that makes you want to die

ID: 842096

20. Then: A pineapple planation

ID: 842235

21. Now: Condomnation

ID: 842142

22. Then: Pasture

ID: 842031

23. Now: Some dude dressed as Scoobie, a dog, and a shopping cart

ID: 842184

24. Then: Some woman selling melons near Sunset

ID: 842040

25. Now: Someone selling LSD

ID: 842109

26. Then: Some dude on a horse near Franklin Avenue

ID: 842110

27. Now: Jesus

ID: 842128

28. Then: A streetcar and a strawberry patch on Hollywood Blvd.

ID: 842274

29. Now: Someone looking for a wife

ID: 842121

30. Then: Two guys going for a ride on Hollywood Blvd.

ID: 842130

31. Now: Chewbacca with a skateboard and a friend on Hollywood Blvd.

ID: 842171

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