Imagine A World Without Joey Fatone

I’m sick of everyone always ragging on Joey. The world would be a completely different place without him.

Rule #1: This is a Joey Fatone safe zone. I want none of that Joey “FAT-ONE” bullshit.

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2. Now let’s get even darker. Imagine a world without him. Bye, Joey.

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3. Who would’ve gotten their hair done with Chris the night before a big awards show?

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4. Who would’ve JC wrapped his arms around?

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5. Who would’ve had Justin’s back?

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6. Who would’ve played with Lance?

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7. I guess Chris could have played with Lance, but let’s face it, Lance demanded a lot of attention.

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8. Who would’ve volunteered to wear the furry pink “pimp” coat?

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9. Who would’ve worn the capris?

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10. Who would’ve driven the guys to dance practice?

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11. Who would’ve inspired other members of the group to get bad tattoos?

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12. Who would’ve wiped JC’s face clean?

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13. Who would’ve gotten really high with Chris?

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14. Who would’ve starred in “On the Line” alongside Lance? Chris Kirkpatrick?

I think not.

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15. Who would’ve held the giant fluorescent Easter egg?

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16. Would anyone have frosted hair if it wasn’t for Joey?

ID: 833726

17. Would anyone have pierced their ears?

ID: 833731

18. No. The answer is no. NSYNC needed Joey Fatone.

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19. He was the top of the totem pole.

ID: 833764

20. He was the bottom of the totem pole.

(The most important part)

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21. He wore his tacky jewelry proudly…

ID: 833901

22. …was passionate about Superman…

ID: 833793

23. …and most importantly, his red hair was important because it offset all the frosted tips.

ID: 833778

24. In conclusion, thank you, Joey. THANK YOU.

ID: 833798

25. God must have spent a little more time on you.

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