George Clooney Is The Best Part Of "Gravity" Because He Is Literally Real-Life Buzz Lightyear

Take me. Also take me to space. But not really because space is scary as hell.

1. Fact: Buzz Lightyear is kind of actually really sexy. The problem is, he’s a cartoon and has purple hair and a swirl goatee.

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2. But OMG. You may have no realized it until now, but George Clooney is basically Buzz Lightyear. ANNND, in the movie Gravity, he plays a really hot astronaut.

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4. But hotter.

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5. What makes George Clooney in Gravity hotter is: A. He’s real. B. He’s a legit astronaut with an actual brain. C. He doesn’t have a swirl for a goatee.

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6. He also has a jetpack which is cool.

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7. And brown eyes. Big, beautiful brown eyes.

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Now here are some random pictures from Gravity because it’s hot.

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9. Right here, we have astro George making close contact with Sandy. Also astro George’s name in the movie is Matt Kowalsky. That is a hot name.

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10. Space sucks… except it wouldn’t if you were with George Clooney who was an astronaut.

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11. Floating in space, on the verge of instant death, tethered to Sandra Bullock never looked so good.

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12. And in all honesty, the best part of Gravity was when George takes his helmet off. Jesus Christ. Save me.

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13. Now a word from Tina and Amy because they’re always right:

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Thank you for your time.

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