For Everyone Who Has Experienced The Phenomenon Known As "Subway Smell"

You are not alone.

1. Subway Smell (adj.): The distinct smell that clings and lingers for hours or days to one that eats at Subway restaurants. The cause of the smell is currently unknown. (See also: life’s mysteries.)

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2. If you’ve eaten at Subway, you’ve been there before:

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5. Even the elderly are catching on:

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6. Scientifically, it takes about 5 minutes of exposure to a Subway restaurant for the smell to cling.

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11. And it’s ability to stick is strangely impressive.

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14. For some, the smell is extreme.

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16. There is another phenomenon directly related to the “Subway Smell” called “The Subway Struggle”:

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20. There are few out there that actually enjoy this smell:

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23. This person even described it as “captivating”:

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24. And it made this person “moist”:

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25. But those people are rare. The majority can’t stand it.

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32. As of today, there is no actual remedy for the smell. It will stick to you as long as it wants to stick to you.

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33. In conclusion, I just want you to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE:

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