21 Facebook Posts That Ended In Real Life Disaster

Don’t be these people.

1. The Facebook post that led to some dude being assaulted with a Furby.

ID: 932444

2. The Facebook post that was literally a picture of A BABY AND A BONG. A BABY AND A BONG!

ID: 940603

3. The Facebook post that was literally a picture of two people EATING IGUANA. EATING IGUANA!

ID: 940720

4. The Facebook post that forever made this kid “that douche who posted how he was drunk driving AND hit a car on Facebook.”

ID: 932598

5. The Facebook post that forever made this kid “that jackass who posted the picture of himself siphoning gas FROM A POLICE CAR while simultaneously flipping off the camera.”

ID: 932510

6. The Facebook post that forever made this kid “that bozo who stole from a judge. FROM A JUDGE! And posted it on Facebook.”

ID: 932508

7. The Facebook post that got this lady on the news.

(So embarrassing.)

ID: 940526

8. The Facebook post that wasn’t liked.

ID: 932449

9. The Facebook post that ended the life of an annoying teenager’s computer.

ID: 940766

10. The Facebook post that ended with a bullet in someone’s head.

ID: 940768

11. The Facebook post that proved once and for all why you shouldn’t post about politics on Facebook.

ID: 940861

12. The Facebook post that was meant to be a humble brag but instead turned into a lesson of why you shouldn’t humble-brag.

ID: 940863

13. The Facebook post that revealed how bad it is working on the state of Montana’s social media team.

ID: 940876

14. The Facebook post that ruined some Dutch girl’s birthday.

ID: 940884

15. All of the Facebook posts that got people arrested for planking.

(I don’t really feel bad for these people. Sorry!)

ID: 940887

16. The Facebook post a KFC employee actually posted of themselves making out with a boob-shaped mashed potatoes mound.

ID: 940892

17. All of those Facebook posts from people who were getting free money from an ATM that ultimately ruined it for everyone.

ID: 940930

18. The Facebook posts this guy made after his wedding to his second wife that he forgot to tell his first wife about.

ID: 941378

19. The Facebook post that cemented Macy Gray’s one-hit-wonder status.

ID: 941718

20. The Facebook post that forever made these two idiots “those two idiots who stole a phone, posted on Facebook, BUT THEY DIDN’T LOG THEMSELVES OUT!! Hahahaa!!!”

ID: 940923

21. Lastly, the Facebook post that probably ended this guy’s marriage because WHO DOES THAT?!

ID: 941695

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