Creation Fest Vs. The Gathering Of The Juggalos

In August 2011 I went to the Gathering Of The Juggalos. This past weekend I went to the nation’s largest Christian music festival, Creation Fest. They are complete, total opposites. Jesus freaks vs. Juggalos.

1. Attendance at Creation:

2. Attendance at The Gathering:

3. Rules about drugs and alcohol at Creation:

4. Rules about drugs and alcohol at The Gathering:


5. Bumper stickers at Creation:

6. Bumper stickers at The Gathering:

7. Tent at Creation:

8. Tent at The Gathering:

Basically a 24/7 strip club.

9. Pulling up your pants at Creation:

10. Pulling up your pants at The Gathering:


11. Independent music at Creation:

12. Independent music at The Gathering:

Our neighbors at The Gathering gave us their CD. This was the artwork.

13. Festival transportation at Creation:

Multiple buses brought people around the grounds.

14. Festival transportation at The Gathering:

It’s the Juggalo bus!

15. Babies at Creation:

So many of them.

16. Babies at The Gathering:

17. For sale at Creation:

18. For sale at The Gathering:

19. Tattoo at Creation:

20. Tattoo at The Gathering:

21. Abortion at Creation:

22. Abortion at The Gathering:

23. Welcome sign at a campsite at Creation:

24. Welcome sign at a campsite at The Gathering:

25. What happens at a pond at Creation:


26. What happens at a pond at The Gathering:

It’s called Lake Hepatitis. People swim in it.

27. License plate at Creation:

The sticker says, “poop on satan”.

28. License plate at The Gathering:

29. Showers at Creation:

30. Showers at The Gathering:

It’s a trailer.

31. Modesty at Creation:

32. Modesty at The Gathering:

A spank on the ass was tame compared to some of the things people would do for money.

33. Drugs for sale at Creation:

34. Drugs for sale at The Gathering:

35. Me in front of the port-a-potties at Creation:

No graffiti.

36. Me in front of the port-a-potties at The Gathering:

So much graffiti.

37. Costumes at Creation:

A taco, banana, and hot dog.

38. Costume at The Gathering:

39. Enjoying a concert at Creation:

40. Enjoying a concert at The Gathering:

41. Flyer handed out at Creation:

42. Flyer handed out at The Gathering:

43. Hero of Creation:

Jesus obv.

44. Hero of The Gathering:

45. Car art at Creation:

46. Car art at The Gathering:

47. Breakfast at Creation:

A veggie omelete with potatoes.

48. Breakfast at The Gathering:

It’s called THE BIG BOSS HOGG.

49. DVD at Creation:

50. DVD at The Gathering:

51. Overheard at Creation: “I can count on you for anything. God gave me such an amazing friend.”

52. Overheard at The Gathering: “Whoop Whoop is the medicine. That shit cures breast cancer, man.”

53. A couple at Creation:

54. A couple at The Gathering:

55. Graffiti at Creation:

56. Graffiti at The Gathering:

57. Air conditioner in a car window at Creation:

58. Air conditioner in a car window at The Gathering:

This will never cease to amaze me.

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