Are You Physically Attracted To Tim McGraw?

Not sure if you’re physically attracted to Tim McGraw? Well, I’ve got the quiz for you!

1. Are you a fan of abs?

ID: 862746

2. Do you find this photo pleasing to the eye?

ID: 862727

3. Are you looking beyond the stupid backwards hat?

ID: 862748

4. Again, do you like abs?

ID: 862747

5. What about muscular arms?

Rick Diamond / Getty Images
ID: 862986

6. Does it not bother you that this little collared shirt tucked in looks kind of dumb?

The Associated Press / AP
ID: 862938

7. Do you like veiny necks?

Rick Diamond / Getty Images
ID: 863001

8. How about veiny arms?

Rick Diamond / Getty Images
ID: 863008

9. Cleavage?

Rick Diamond / Getty Images
ID: 863002

10. Can you get past the fact that he wears a lot of bandannas?

ID: 862881

11. And that even other men are jealous of him?

ID: 862906

12. Where are your eyes right now?

ID: 862879

13. Are you envious of this man playing the guitar?

ID: 862805

14. Are you impressed by a man that can push a tire?

ID: 863026

15. It’s a really big tire.

ID: 863036

16. It’s not easy.

ID: 863027

17. Do you like a guy who’s not afraid to wear his “Ellen” show underwear?

ID: 863023

18. Are you starting to feel real jealousy and borderline hatred toward Faith Hill?

Jason Kempin / Getty Images
ID: 862961

19. Congratulations! You finished the quiz!

ID: 863237

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then yes, you are physically attracted to Tim McGraw.

ID: 863155

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