Andrea From “The Walking Dead” Summed Up In 31 Pictures

The character you love to hate. Or maybe you just love. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I guess. Spoilers!!!

1. In Season 1, she was the worst. You couldn’t have cared less if she stayed in the lab or not.

ID: 1039594

2. All you cared about was Dale.

ID: 1039664

3. Then she wouldn’t listen.

ID: 1039326

4. And BOOM!

ID: 1039605

5. Thanks for killing Dale, Andrea!

ID: 1039666

6. It was at that moment we realized:

ID: 1039601

7. And she was officially:

ID: 1039665

8. Look behind you.

ID: 1039389

9. Then she ditched Michonne after spending eight months with her.

ID: 1039583

10. And started hooking up with the Governor.

ID: 1038999

11. She became nearly unbearable.

ID: 1039371

12. Like, the worst.

ID: 1039421

13. She just wanted to take action!

ID: 1039119

14. Right.

ID: 1039351

15. Then she went back to Rick and everyone didn’t care.

ID: 1039464

16. She tried to interfere in Rick and the Governor’s conversation. That, of course, didn’t work.

ID: 1039482

17. Then she had a moment of clarity.

ID: 1039681


ID: 1039785

19. But she didn’t do anything about it.

ID: 1039488

20. She tried to go back. That didn’t work.

ID: 1039791

21. So she’s in the death chair and pliers are on the ground AND SHE KEEPS PAUSING.

ID: 1039000

22. For some reason her toes are perfectly pedicured.

ID: 1039413

23. Then Milton goes after her.

ID: 1038918

24. And she’s all regretful again.

ID: 1038996

25. Gold star for you!

ID: 1039150

26. She dies and says the same thing she says when her sister passed away.

ID: 1039540

27. The end shot of the grave was kind of sad, especially if you remember the “We bury the ones we love” thing Rick says.

ID: 1038954

28. *Tear*

ID: 1038950

29. And then we all prayed.

ID: 1038938


ID: 1039637

31. If only you had been more like the comic book.

ID: 1039361

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