Amanda Bynes Calling People Ugly (Presented By Judgmental Huskies)

Because calling people ugly is kind of mean, the following tweets are being presented by huskies. Huskies are also adorable and the world needs more of them even if they are being judgmental.

1. Rihanna tweets:

ID: 1221370

2. Amanda Bynes’ response:

ID: 1221089

6. Courtney Love tweets:

ID: 1221378

7. Amanda Bynes’ response:

ID: 1221300

9. Jenny McCarthy tweets:

ID: 1221418

10. Amanda Bynes’ response:

ID: 1221333

13. Chrissy Teigan tweets:

ID: 1221384

14. Amanda Bynes’ response:

ID: 1220717

FYI, this post makes no judgment on huskies as a breed. They just have amazing and expressive faces.

ID: 1221530

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