Actual Reasons Why People Don’t Want Gay People To Be Boy Scouts

Shim Scouts, people. Shim Scouts!

1. It’s not called Shim Scouts!

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2. Gay people can’t possibly control themselves in tents with other men.

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3. There will be really bad thunderstorms.

See the sign above^

This is from a “Save Our Scouts” rally in Texas.

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4. It will be impossible for Boy Scouts to ever advance in rank.

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5. God will yell at you with a megaphone or something.

ID: 865574


ID: 865676

7. Evil will rule.

ID: 865679

8. Also wickedness.

ID: 865682

9. Evil AND no liberty.

ID: 865674

10. There will be no virtue…

ID: 865685

11. …because it’s just another social experiment.

ID: 865610

12. The Boy Scouts’ reputation will be destroyed.

ID: 865681

13. They will basically turn into the Gay Straight Alliance.

ID: 865604

14. Nothing will be pure.

ID: 865684

15. The Boy Scouts will not exist at all.

ID: 865673

16. And there will be no God.

At all!

ID: 865677

17. Just keep ‘em out!

ID: 865683

All of these were taken from the Save Our Scouts Facebook group.

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