Top ESPN Personality Goes On Phenomenally Sexist Rant Against Robert Griffin’s Fiancee

“Understand something. You’re a woman…”

This week, Robert Griffin III has received a bit of criticism for tweeting a photo of gifts fans have bought him and his fiancée off their wedding registry. (Griffin hadn’t asked anyone to buy him anything — a Washington Post writer was the one who’d figured out the registry was public.)

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Of course, some members of the media have blown this non-issue way out of proportion and made it a referendum on RGIII’s judgment and character. Most notably ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith yesterday on ESPN radio’s Mike and Mike Show.

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Excuse me?

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Okay, now tell us how you REALLY feel.

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What’s your prescription, love doctor?

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Okay, someone please stop him. When even Stephen A. Smith knows he’s said something stupid, the situation has gotten dire.

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Yes, because anything household-related besides mowing the lawn and punching things is a woman’s job. Where is the plug, and why hasn’t it been pulled?

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What’s cute or nice about calling your fiancée HIS ACTUAL NAME?!?

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Another day, another dollar, another nonsensical rant for ESPN’s most visible moron.

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h/t Reva Friedel Awful Announcing & Sarah Kogod Washington Post

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