This Is What It Looks Like When A 60-Year-Old Man Gets A Back Tattoo

Rick Pitino is a man of his word.

Before the NCAA tournament, Louisville coach Rick Pitino made a bet with his players: If they won the National Championship, he would get inked up.

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After the Cardinals cut down the nets in Atlanta, Peyton Siva revealed the team’s true inspiration for the team’s incredible run…

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Rick Pitino doesn’t welsh on a bet. Here is an exclusive picture of his championship tattoo.

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In our opinion, he went a little overboard.

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Just kidding!

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But still, seeing a fresh tattoo on a 60-year-old man isn’t the most visually appealing sight in the world.

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Louisville Sports Information

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ESPN reports that tattoo parlor gave Pitino the tattoo on the house.

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I was running a free special for any Hall of Fame coaches who won an NCAA championship in the last 30 days.

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Louisville Sports Information

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No word on what Pitino will do if Louisville wins this year. Maybe he should get his tongue pierced.

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h/t ESPN

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