This Is How You Celebrate Making The NCAA Tournament

A few games of pong with the boys.

1. Meet Marshall Henderson.

John Bazemore / AP
ID: 991928

2. The most polarizing player in college basketball.

ID: 991914

3. It’s almost like the opposing fans don’t like when he constantly taunts them.

ID: 991959

4. Yesterday, he led Ole Miss to the SEC tournament title and an automatic berth in the NCAA tournament.

Andy Lyons / Getty Images
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5. Here he is horsing around after the title game.

ID: 991938

I wonder how he celebrated the Rebels’ first NCAA tournament appearance since 2001?

ID: 992001

8. Those games of ping pong must have really wiped him out.

ID: 991875

9. *Henderson’s reaction to his own cargo shorts*

ID: 991941

H/T Mike Foss USA Today

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