The NBA’s Hottest New Trend Is Tackling Your Own Fans

Superstars viciously attack innocent half-court shot contestants.

1. Last night, Oklahoma City Thunder fan Justin Dougherty nailed a half-court shot for $20,000.

ID: 1013075

2. Needless to say, Justin proceeded to lose his mind.

ID: 1013096

3. Then he found his girlfriend…

ID: 1013147

4. But followed that with a nearly fatal mistake.

ID: 1013182

Who is he pointing at, you ask?

ID: 1013377

6 feet and 9 inches and 235 pounds of pure destruction…

ID: 1013462

7. A.K.A. Kevin Durant.

ID: 1013219

8. Durant flees shamelessly after bulldozing this loyal Thunder supporter.

ID: 1013253

9. Dougherty is still recovering.

ID: 1013417

We can blame Obama LeBron for this vicious attack.

ID: 1013336

11. Here’s LeBron launching the merciless-fan-assult trend back in January.

ID: 1013580
Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images
ID: 1013313

13. Watch the bone-shattering collision in its entirety:

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ID: 1013258

H/T Nick Schwartz at USA Today

ID: 1013387

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