33 Signs You Eat, Sleep, And Breathe Arizona Wildcats Basketball

Bear down, red and blue!

1. You know Lute Olson is the original silver-haired fox.

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2. And this was the only time you ever saw a strand out of place.

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3. You know Wilbur gets all the fly honeys.

Arizona Athletics
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4. You don’t think this tattoo is that crazy.

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5. You could probably wear strictly Wildcats merchandise for weeks without having to do laundry.

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6. You know this is one of the best worst songs ever recorded.

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Seriously, that video puts the Super Bowl shuffle to shame.



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7. You don’t care about the NBA, but you always check the box scores for former Wildcats.

Christopher Pasatieri / Getty

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Christian Petersen / Getty

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8. Because there’s a ton of them.

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9. You get angry when people call Derrick Williams a bust, because you know he just hasn’t found the right fit.

What he did to Duke in his 32-point game in the 2011 Sweet 16 was borderline criminal.

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10. You know that Steve Kerr was a cold-blooded assassin.

Arizona guard Steve Kerr rocks the fur coat during a 1987 SI photo shoot:

— Andy Gray (@si_vault)
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11. You remember when Sean Elliott was completely unstoppable.

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12. You know that Kenny Lofton was stealing basketballs in Tucson before he was swiping bases in the MLB.

Tom Pidgeon / Getty


In fact, Lofton was the career steals leader in Wildcats history before Jason Terry broke his record.

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13. You know the Stoudamires are obviously the first family of college hoops.

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14. You may or may not have considered getting a Mighty Mouse tattoo at some point in time.

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15. You think Miles Simon should be a candidate for sainthood.

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16. You think it’s an absolute travesty that Jason Gardner never got a shot in the NBA.

Stephen Dunn / Getty
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17. You get genuinely excited whenever Bill Walton is announcing a game because he says stuff like this…

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18. You hate Arizona State with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

Arizona Athletics
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19. You can name every player that gave Arizona the nickname “Point Guard U.”

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20. You know hell is a place where they play this goddamn game on repeat.

Jeff Roberson / AP
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21. You know this was one of the worst non-calls in the history of sports.

Manny Millan / Sports Illustrated / Getty Images

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22. And you still can’t believe Anderson Hunt got away with pushing off on Kenny Lofton.

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23. You own all of these Sports Illustrated covers, and they’re still in mint condition.

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24. You have the 1997 One Shining Moment video bookmarked on your web browser.

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25. You erased this “coach who shall not be named” from your memory bank.

Michael Heiman / Getty
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26. You know Sean Miller single-handedly saved our program.

Christian Peterson / Getty

Seriously, imagine where they’d be if Tim Floyd accepted the job offer.

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27. You’ve also shown all your friends this video of his appearance on the Tonight Show.

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28. And you know he has the absolute best facial expressions in the business.

The many faces of Sean Miller's relationship with his towel. #Arizona

— Cork Gaines (@CorkGaines)
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29. March is the only time you truly feel alive.

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30. There’s no one in the country you’d rather have with the ball when the game is on the line than this guy.

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31. You know this year’s team is something truly special.

Ethan Miller / Getty

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32. And anything short of a National Championship would be a disappointment.

Christian Petersen / Getty
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33. And most importantly, you KNOW this team won’t disappoint.

Ethan Miller / Getty

Christian Petersen / Getty

Ethan Miller / Getty

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Bear Down, Arizona.

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