15 Reasons Philip Rivers Is Undoubtedly A Child Trapped In A Man’s Body

Meet the NFL’s ultimate little brother.

1. He still thinks he’s Popeye.

ID: 2203190

2. He always looks confused.

ID: 2202828

3. He exagerates to get other people in trouble.

ID: 2203137

4. He pouts a lot.

ID: 2202825

5. He’s a know it all.

ID: 2203284

6. He’s prone to temper tantrums.

ID: 2203278

7. He celebrates like he just passed a really difficult video game level.

ID: 2202822

8. He complains all the time… even if no one is listening.

ID: 2202831

9. He expects people to do everything for him.

ID: 2202837

10. He has zero patience.

ID: 2202839

11. Every once in a while you suspect he’s a little bit evil.

ID: 2202845

12. He doesn’t back down to any fight.

ID: 2202859

13. He’s enamored by wildlife.

Ken Bohn / San Diego Zoo
ID: 2202951

14. He has so much energy and no idea what to do with it.

ID: 2202836

15. He still has a shitload of fun playing this silly game.

ID: 2202824

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