26 Priceless Moments From Paulina Gretzky And Dustin Johnson’s Relationship So Far

WARNING: This post contains incredibly cute dogs. And attractive humans.

Yesterday, golf’s most photogenic couple got engaged. Dustin Johnson proposed to Paulina Gretzky with a diamond the size of a hockey puck.

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So I took the opportunity to congratulate the happy couple with a post dedicated to what they do best… play golf.

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JUST KIDDING! The post is mostly dedicated to all the times they take their shirts off, because that’s obviously their forte — which says a lot considering DJ is a professional golfer… Also dogs.

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1. When DJ swept her off her feet.

ID: 1527496

2. When they went on vacation.

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3. When they kissed in the pool on vacation.

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4. When they went out on the boat.

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5. When Dustin didn’t let Paulina drive the boat.

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6. That other time they went out on the boat.

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7. When they went on the boat and Paulina danced.

ID: 1527528

8. When they spent the day together on the boat.

ID: 1527175

9. When Dustin’s brother Austin came out on the boat.

ID: 1527872

10. When Dustin got this incredibly cute puppy.

ID: 1527602

11. When DJ did this perfect flip into the pool.

ID: 1527480

12. When Paulina went in the pool.

ID: 1527755

13. When they took this family picture before they went to Germany.

ID: 1527268

14. When they went to Germany together and dressed like this.

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15. When their dog missed them while they were in Germany.

ID: 1527181

16. When Paulina tried to one-up Dustin with this incredibly cute puppy.

ID: 1527590

17. When Paulina wore a bathing suit.

ID: 1527928

19. When Paulina’s pooch joined the #Dufnering craze.

ID: 1527343

20. When they hopped on Dustin’s private jet with this other adorable dog.

ID: 1527497

21. When they cuddled with the dogs.

ID: 1527826

22. When Paulina went to watch Dustin play golf.

Aaron Lynett / AP

Mike Ehrmann / Getty

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23. When Dustin won the Hyundai Tournament of Champions.

Christian Petersen / Getty
ID: 1527806

24. When Dustin dusted The Great One on the golf course.

ID: 1527789

25. When their dog jumped in the pool.

ID: 1527205

26. And who could forget that time they took this special, one-of-a-kind photo on a boat.

ID: 1527765

Congrats, you crazy kids!

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