7 Pictures Suggesting Mark Sanchez Has Lost His Grasp On Reality

The former GQ model is long gone.

1. Have you seen this man’s fashion sense?

Duane Burleson / AP
ID: 1528463

2. It seems to have gone missing and in its absence, he has decided to grow a goatee.

Paul Sancya / AP
ID: 1528465

3. He’s been asking around and no one seems to have any clue where he may have left it.

Paul Sancya / AP
ID: 1528658

4. And without it, he’s made some incredibly rash decisions with his facial hair.

Jeff Zelevansky / Getty
ID: 1528467

5. He’s confused and reportedly thinks his Fu Manchu is “pretty righteous.”

Jeff Zelevansky / Getty
ID: 1528464

6. He’s lonely and scared, so please return it as soon as possible.

Jeff Zelevansky / Getty
ID: 1528466

7. Before it becomes too late.

Jeff Zelevansky / Getty
ID: 1529255

ALSO if you happen to find his confidence, dignity, right arm, common sense, or his playbook, that would be MUCH appreciated. Please return whatever you find to the guy kicking a can around the Jets practice facility parking lot.

ID: 1529573

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