How Michigan Stunned Kansas To Advance To The Elite Eight

Point guard Trey Burke nailed an unfathomably deep 3-pointer to help the Wolverines advance.

The Michigan Wolverines are marching on to the Elite 8 thanks to a stunning 87-85 overtime victory over the Kansas Jayhawks.

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2. With 2:22 remaining in the game Kansas held a commanding 72-62 lead.

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3. The Jayhawks seemed completely in control and poised to coast to the victory.

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4. Buuuuuut someone forgot to tell that to Michigan star Trey Burke.

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5. The Wolverine point guard shook off a miserable start and led a furious and desperate last minute rally.

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With 4.8 seconds remaining and Michigan down 3, Burke launched a 30-foot three pointer to send the game to overtime.

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Following Burke’s lead, the Wolverines used the momentum to pull out an improbable 87-85 win in OT.

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11. Michigan fans will be talking about this shot for years.

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12. And Kansas fans will spend years trying to forget the fact it ever happened.

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