How 21 Cute Animals Reacted To The Pittsburgh Pirates Making The Playoffs

They were pretty freaking psyched.

1. Dude, the Buccos made the playoffs!!!!

2. Wake up… Wake up!… WAKE UP!!!

3. Did you hear what that bear said, human? The Pirates made the playoffs!!

4. Wait… the ones that play in Pittsburgh?!

5. I’m speechless.

6. Holy shiiiiiiiitttttttt!

8. Hold me, brah, I think I’m gonna cry. I’ve been waiting 21 years for this…

9. I’ve been waiting 147 dog years.

10. This feels so good…

11. Man, I feel like dancing.

12. I’m just gonna spin around in circles because I don’t know what else to do.

13. Jesus, can someone open this pumpkin beer for me?

14. I could do this all day!!!!

15. High-five me, human Pirates fan.

16. I…can’t…believe…this…is…happening…

18. Hey there… Can you get me tickets?

19. Don’t worry, I’m on it.

20. Playoffs here we come…

21. Sweet, who’s coming with me to celebrate Dock Ellis style? No one? Okay, more for me!

I know Ellis took LSD, not shrooms, but they’re both hallucinogens! Um, also, kids, don’t do drugs, they’re only for bears and MLB starting pitchers.

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