How 21 Cute Animals Reacted To The Pittsburgh Pirates Making The Playoffs

They were pretty freaking psyched.

1. Dude, the Buccos made the playoffs!!!!

ID: 1694654

2. Wake up… Wake up!… WAKE UP!!!

ID: 1694755

3. Did you hear what that bear said, human? The Pirates made the playoffs!!

ID: 1694644

4. Wait… the ones that play in Pittsburgh?!

ID: 1697582

5. I’m speechless.

ID: 1697647

6. Holy shiiiiiiiitttttttt!

ID: 1694769

7. Boomshakalaka.

ID: 1694710

8. Hold me, brah, I think I’m gonna cry. I’ve been waiting 21 years for this…

ID: 1694772

9. I’ve been waiting 147 dog years.

ID: 1694628

10. This feels so good…

ID: 1694651

11. Man, I feel like dancing.

ID: 1694727

12. I’m just gonna spin around in circles because I don’t know what else to do.

ID: 1694775

13. Jesus, can someone open this pumpkin beer for me?

ID: 1697486

14. I could do this all day!!!!

ID: 1694752

15. High-five me, human Pirates fan.

ID: 1694660

16. I…can’t…believe…this…is…happening…

ID: 1697534

17. I’m dead.

ID: 1694771

18. Hey there… Can you get me tickets?

ID: 1694782

19. Don’t worry, I’m on it.

ID: 1694633

20. Playoffs here we come…

ID: 1697527

21. Sweet, who’s coming with me to celebrate Dock Ellis style? No one? Okay, more for me!

I know Ellis took LSD, not shrooms, but they’re both hallucinogens! Um, also, kids, don’t do drugs, they’re only for bears and MLB starting pitchers.

ID: 1694709

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