Happy Gilmore Vs. Shooter McGavin: Remembering Golf’s Most Epic Showdown

The 1996 Tour Championship was one for the ages.

1. 17 years ago this weekend, we witnessed one of the most legendary tournaments in golf history.

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2. It was a rare occasion when two of golf’s most bitter rivals…

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3. Met on the game’s greatest stage.

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5. Shooter McGavin was the HEAVY favorite to win the famous gold jacket.

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6. But young and brash Happy Gilmore had something to say about that.

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7. It was an unlikely match-up of contrasting styles.

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9. Their trash talk was unparalleled.

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13. Autographed boobs.

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14. Fighting with fans…

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15. Alligators…

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16. AND Bob Barker.

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17. They interacted with the gallery.

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18. And the camera LOVED them.

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19. But make no mistake…

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20. They were serious…

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21. About golf.

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22. And with the help of an unorthodox mentor…

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23. Happy Gilmore went from someone Verne Lundquist had never heard of…

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25. To become the ultimate underdog triumph story.

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26. Who ripped the gold jacket…

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27. Right out of Shooter’s hands.

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28. And then Gilmore earned the unforgettable Tour Championship beer shower.

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It was a moment that will be relived many times on CBS’s coverage this weekend. And Happy Gilmore is a champion golf fans will never forget.

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30. Wait? What? You’re telling me that never happened?

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Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit? Whatever.

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