Going To Sporting Events As A Kid Vs. Going To Sporting Events In Your Twenties

Maturity doesn’t always come with age.

1. As a kid you spent the entire drive to the stadium too excited to sit still…

2. Now you spend the whole drive bitching about traffic.

3. Once you got into the parking lot you immediately wanted to get inside the stadium…

4. Now, as a fiscally responsible adult, you get to the game early to drink your weight in cheep beer in the parking lot with strangers.

5. You used to be laser-focused on getting a foul ball…

6. Now your priorities have changed a bit.

7. When you were a kid you wanted to get as close to the action as possible…

8. Now you just want to make sure you can see the game.

9. You used to be incredibly optimistic about the outcome of the game…

10. Now, pessimism is basically your middle name.

11. As a kid, getting on the Jumbotron is the coolest thing ever…

12. Now you pray to god cameras don’t catch you doing something stupid.

13. As a kid you wanted ice cream, peanuts, a hot dog, and the biggest soda — and you wanted it NOW…

14. Now, you simply don’t understand why you can only buy two beers at a time.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty

15. Kids always remember to wear their favorite jersey…

16. Twentysomethings are lucky to remember a shirt.

17. As a kid, doing the wave was the shit.

Stu Forster / Getty

18. Now? Not so much.

19. As a kid, all you wanted was a picture with the mascot…

Stephen Dunn / Getty

20. Now, your attention has, um, shifted elsewhere.

Butts. It’s shifted to butts.

21. This is how you used to support the team…

22. Now you’re equally fueled by contempt for the opposition.

But no matter how much older you get three things will never change:

23. This is how you will always react to bullshit calls…



24. This is how losing will always feel…

Chris Trotman / Getty


25. And if you’re really lucky… this is how you’ll react when you win.


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