29 Dogs That Don’t Want To Grow Up

They’re no longer puppies, but they’re still lap dogs in their own minds.

1. “Two hot dogs, please!”

ID: 776322

2. “Wait, you’re telling me she sits here all day?”

ID: 775797

3. “I’m just keeping papa bear warm.”

ID: 775687

4. “Can’t wait for ‘Pretty Little Liars’! Who’s got the popcorn?”

ID: 776216

5. “He thinks I’m just being cute. I’m gonna fart now.”

ID: 775975

6. “Just going for a train ride. Nothing to see here.”

ID: 776104

7. “I told you we could both fit on the couch.”

ID: 776247

8. “Don’t listen to her! We don’t spend ENOUGH time together!”

ID: 776156

9. “I’m sorry I knocked over the entire kitchen table.”

ID: 776167

10. “Guys, I’m serious, ‘Scooby Doo’ is basically ‘Law & Order’ for dogs.”

ID: 775739

11. “I didn’t mean to break the screen door. I just didn’t see it.”

ID: 776269

12. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

ID: 775981

13. “For the last time, I don’t want to watch any of the ‘Beethoven’ movies!”

ID: 775819

14. “Pass that Pinot Grigio, hon.”

ID: 776270

15. “This is the life.”

ID: 776260

16. “Ugh, are we really watching ‘Scent of a Woman’ again?”

ID: 775920

17. “I’m only getting up for a fire or three Milk-Bones.”

ID: 776096

18. “Squirrel?”

ID: 776000

19. “Yea, l’ll take a raincheck on that walk. I’m comfortable right here.”

ID: 776164

20. “Oooo a mystery novel? Make room.”

ID: 775964

21. “You didn’t expect me to lay on the concrete, did you?”

ID: 776184

22. “We better not be going to the vet.”

ID: 776256

23. “I dare you to tell her I’m getting too big for this. Double dog dare you.”

ID: 776219

24. “Those jerks at the dog park said I look like a bear again.”

ID: 776253

25. “Bro, I can’t see the TV.”

ID: 776276

26. “Stop overreacting, I’m barely putting any weight on you.”

ID: 776300

27. “I’ll keep a lookout.”

ID: 776244

28. “Yea, I like to cuddle! I’ve been saying it for years, White Fang gave wolves a bad name.

ID: 775785

29. “Cowabunga….”

ID: 776223

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