17 Important Life Lessons Coach Taylor Taught Us

Clear eyes, full hearts… You know the rest.

1. He taught us to keep our composure.

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2. And the importance of being punctual.

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3. He taught us responsibility.

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4. And that yelling in the morning is rude.

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5. He taught us character.

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6. And how to earn people’s respect.

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7. He taught us how to teach your daughter a lesson when she gets arrested for being in a strip club while underage.

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8. And how to say I love you without actually saying it.

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9. He taught us how to get out of doing the dishes.

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10. And to remember to ask before you make the chili too spicy.

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11. He taught us the importance of communication.

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12. And to tell the people close to you that you’re proud of them.

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13. He taught us what goes on in a young man’s mind.

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14. And the only dog you should own is a brown lab.

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15. He taught us how to love.

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16. And how to be champions.

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17. But most importantly, he taught us these six words to live by…

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