15 Bros Who Bravely Manscaped Their Back And Chest Hair To Support The Team

Who needs signs?

1. This Minnesota Twins fan who forgot his jersey at home.

ID: 1448526

2. This Virginia Tech fan who “wears” Hokie pride.

ID: 1450722

3. This Buffalo Bills fan who is psyched his team is playing a game on national TV.

ID: 1448488

4. This LSU fan who got lost trying to find the football stadium.

ID: 1448489

5. This ultimate Pittsburgh fan.

ID: 1451318

6. This Longhorn fan who took advantage of his personal burnt orange hair to the fullest.

ID: 1450720

7. This creative Missouri fan.

ID: 1448523

8. This Notre Dame fan.

ID: 1448525

9. This double-fisting Kentucky fan.

ID: 1448524

10. Um, Wayne Rooney…

The Manchester United star shaved 19 with his chest hair to celebrate Man U’s record 19th Premiership title.

ID: 1448487

11. The truest Dale Earnhardt Sr. fan.

ID: 1448528

12. And this Dale Jr. fan we have to assume was sitting next to him.

ID: 1450740

13. This guy.

ID: 1448529

14. This diehard Appalachian State fan.

ID: 1450888

15. And last but not least, this guy using his back to support Boston.

ID: 1450824

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