A Prank Phone Call Kinda Sorta Got A NFL QB Released

Well, basically.

1. Meet Buddy Nix, the Buffalo Bills General Manager.

David Duprey / AP
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2. He’s 73 years old.

David Duprey / AP
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Last week, Nix had a phone conversation with Tampa Bay Bucs GM Mark Dominick on the eve of free-agency. He spoke openly about Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick during the call.

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David Duprey / AP
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David Duprey / AP
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Neither Nix or Dominick knew the phone call was set up as a prank and their conversation was being recorded. Deadspin released the audio of their conversation this afternoon.

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7. *Actual video of Bills executives canceling Nix’s cell phone plan.*

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This is particularly embarrassing considering the poor timing of the news, which may have started a chain of events that led to…

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DOUG BENZ / Reuters
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11. What’s probably going through Buddy Nix’s head right now.

David Duprey / AP
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Get it?! Because he’s old!

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