6 Reasons Baseball Gloves Are Becoming Obsolete

Everyone at the ballpark seems to be ditching their gloves in favor of their headgear.

1. C.J. Wilson of the Los Angeles Angels snagged a foul ball in the dugout this Sunday.

ID: 1142862

2. Pedro Strop of the Baltimore Orioles also made a nifty grab on Sunday.

ID: 1142863

3. Even the fans are getting in on the action, like this all-star at the Mets vs. Rockies game in April.

ID: 1143063

4. Or this guy at the Tigers vs. Astros game last week.

ID: 1142898

5. And this Detroit Tigers fan during a spring training game against the Marlins.

ID: 1143062

6. College kids are ditching their mitts too, like this Wichita State baserunner removing a pesky squirrel from the field.

ID: 1143059

Rawlings. Nike. Wilson. Akadema. Mizuno. New Era?

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