31 Reasons Tough Mudder Races Are For Crazy People

Crazy badass, that is.

So you’ve heard of this Tough Mudder thing…

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And you’re wondering if you have the balls to attempt this demanding race.

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1. This is only way you’re allowed to drive to events.

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2. This is how you HAVE to train.

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3. You’ll have to run through 10,000 volts of electricity…

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4. And there’s a distinct possibility you end up like this guy.

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5. You’ll have to run through fire…and like it.

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6. Did I mention the mud?

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7. Oh, there will be mud!

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8. And you’ll crawl through a shit-ton of it.

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9. Where you could ALSO get electrocuted…

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10. Or potentially maimed by barbed-wire.

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11. The Tarzan rings seem like a lot of fun…

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12. Until you get a taste of the ice cold water awaiting your fall.

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13. Speaking of falling, you have to climb this wall for the opportunity to jump into more mud.

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14. Are you claustrophobic? I sure as hell hope not.

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15. Does carrying a log over your head for a few miles sound appealing?

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16. What about a lot of unnecessary climbing?

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17. You’ll need a good friend…

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18. Who won’t leave you hanging.

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19. Okay, when’s the last time you hurdled a half-dozen tree-trunks?

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20. And as if these obstacles weren’t hard enough these guys wore penguin costumes the whole time.

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21. This guy carried the Travelocity gnome.*

Most likely not the Travelocity gnome. He’s probably just a regular, fun-loving gnome, but he gets that comparison all the time and he doesn’t mind.

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22. This girl smiled the ENTIRE race.

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23. This guy is actually Canadian*, that’s how much the Tough Mudder changed him.

Probably not Canadian, but he might enjoy a trip to Vancouver or Montreal every once in a while, because who doesn’t? Am I right?

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24. These girls dressed like warriors…

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25. While this guy was an actual warrior.

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26. You’ll probably ditch your $100 sneakers.

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27. And your body will bruise like a month-old peach.

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28. And you’ll go through all that trouble for a t-shirt…

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29. And a beer…

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(Which I’m not sure most people would run through fire for.)

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(On second thought, a lot of people would run through fire for a beer.)

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30. Maybe some daps from Bear Grylls…

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31. And a headband.

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Which your dog is probably gonna steal anyway.

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So, do you still think you wanna do a Tough Mudder?

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