23 Images That Tell The Legendary Tale Of Bryant “Big Country” Reeves

A long time ago, when goofy white centers ruled the NBA, Bryant Reeves was the goofiest and the whitest.

1. Ladies and gentlemen: The most iconic NBA nickname of the past quarter-century!

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2. The nickname ‘Big Country’ was born during Reeves’ freshman season in college after he was awed by his first cross-country flight.

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3. Unlimited ginger ale and peanuts must have had quite the effect on him.

Fuck yeah, airplanes!

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4. He was a two-time All-American at Oklahoma St and led the Cowboys to the 1995 Final Four.

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5. America quickly fell in love…

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6. And so did Canada!

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7. The Vancouver Grizzlies drafted Big Country with the 6th overall pick in the 1995 draft.

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8. He embodied the ferociousness of a grizzly bear…

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9. As well as the cute playfulness.

Big Country, you goofball!

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10. In 1997 Big Country was a budding star, averaging 16.3 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 1.08 blocks per game.

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11. The workhorse from Gans, Oklahoma seemed destined to carry the Vancouver Grizzlies to greatness.

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12. Look at that focus…

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13. That’s the kind of focus that earns you a massive $61.8 million contract.

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14. And one of the most inexplicably dominant characters in sports video game history.

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15. However, his back problems and weight issues eventually caused him to lose a step.

Admittedly, it was hard for anyone at that time to keep up with the blazing quicks of Vlade “Lightning Shoes” Divac.

ID: 738785

16. And his contract became known as one of the worst in NBA history.

“Handle like Van Exel” not a compliment in this instance.

ID: 738961

17. Forcing him to declare early retirement in 2001. The world wept.

ID: 738842

18. But an athlete with a great nickname never truly retires.

ID: 738857

19. Big Country became a gift that just kept giving.

That Cory is one lucky son of a gun.

ID: 739032

20. Reeves’ place in history is secure as the man behind the BEST facial expressions in card history.

ID: 739048

21. Big Country will always be in demand!

ID: 742639

22. He still has time for his fans.

ID: 739171

23. Never forget No.50.

ID: 738900

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