16 Reasons Why Philip Seymour Hoffman Was Born To Play John Daly

You smell that? It smells like cigarettes and Oscar gold!

I know what you’re thinking…

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How can this award-winning, respected actor…

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Play THIS dude?

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1. For starters, just look at this picture.

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2. They both know how to multi-task.

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3. They both possess beautiful hair.

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4. Ladies love them.

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5. I mean, they’re basically modern Don Juans.

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6. Did I mention their shared love of water sports?

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7. Worried about PSH recreating JD’s natural born athleticism?

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White Chocolate knows how to ball.

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8. They both rebel against traditional fashion trends.

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I can’t wear plaid on plaid? Fuck you.

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9. Just look how awesome they look in flat-brimmed hats!

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10. How about their passion for music?

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John Daly with Hootie and the Blowfish in 2005.

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John Daly LOVES Hootie and the Blowfish.

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Iggy Pop is widely known as “the Hootie of Garage Rock.”

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11. Don’t even get them started on string instruments!

Jamie Squire / Getty Images
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12. Long walks with loved ones?

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13. Neither are afraid to show a little belly.

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14. They’re both lone wanderers.

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15. Graceful and majestic on their feet.

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16. But most importantly, only an actor of Hoffman’s caliber could capture Daly’s flaws…

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Without seeming preachy or ridiculous.

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So what do you think, Phil?

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Coming to theaters near you?

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