15 Seattle Superfan Tattoos Ranked By Insanity Level

The Emerald City’s biggest supporter has some seriously amazing ink.

Meet Lorin Sandretzky (A.K.A. Big Lo).

Image by Scott Cohen/US Presswire
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Big Lo is Seattle’s biggest sports fan. Check out this 2008 ESPN.com profile on his fandom.

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Like the kind of sports fan who becomes an ordained minister so he can marry other Seattle sports fans.

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This is his car.

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Here are some of his incredibly random and amazingly diverse Seattle professional sports tattoos ranked from insane to most insane.

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15. Okay, the Mariners symbol is still one of the coolest in sports.

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14. This Marshawn Lynch Skittles tattoo is actually really awesome. Crazy, but awesome.

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13. This King Felix tattoo commemorating his perfect game ain’t too shabby either!

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12. Seattle fans loved their SuperSonics. No shame in mourning.

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11. MLS tattoo? Alright, the Sounders have an enthusiastic fan base.

ID: 988084

10. Ouch.

ID: 988123

9. More Marshawn Lynch.

ID: 988121

8. A tattoo prominently featuring former fullback Leonard Weaver?

ID: 988096

7. Here’s some ink of a few different mascots.

ID: 988124

6. Wait, Lawyer Milloy only played in Seattle for two years!

ID: 988132

5. What time is it? Game time? Noon?

ID: 988134

4. Is that 53-career-tackles nickel safety Roy Lewis?

ID: 988148

3. The only WNBA tattoo I’ve ever seen.

Here’s the finished version.

ID: 988143

2. The Seattle Mist are in the Lingerie Football League!

ID: 988091

1. This is their star player Jessica Hopkins.

ID: 988130

A fullback, a nickel DB, and the “star” of a lingerie league. Amazing.

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All of pictures are c/o Big Lo’s Twitter account. @BigLo66

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