15 Reasons Chris "Crush" Davis Is Your New Favorite Slugger

Get to know the Baltimore all star who has been turning baseballs to dust.

1. The Oriole first baseman, a onetime top prospect whose career has taken off in Baltimore after several frustrating seasons for the Rangers, is a goofball.

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2. Who knows you’re never too old to do the word finder on restaurant placemats.

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3. He’s not scared to touch the exhibits.

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4. He refuses to acknowledge that his face is covered in pie.

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5. He says no to drugs…

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6. And yes to Hulk juice.

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(Frozen banana, apple, vega powder, almond or peanut butter, almond milk, spinach & kale)

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7. He has a dog named Sampson, and he’s freakin’ adorable.

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Look at Sampson swim with a life vest on!

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Here’s Sampson staring longingly at a baseball.

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8. And he gives back to the community.

Here’s Davis with the Christian Youth Athletics organization in Baltimore. The Orioles star is a devout Christian and quotes Bible verses on Twitter.

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9. But don’t go thinking Davis is soft. The dude is a badass.

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10. He’s crushed a MLB-leading 31 HRs already this year.

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11. And driven in 80 runs for the Orioles.

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12. He’s on pace to hit 59 home runs this season.

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13. His incredible start has made him a Baltimore hero in merely three months.

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14. He’s charmed the pants off the hard to please Charm City fans.

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15. And if that’s not enough, look at this picture of him and a chimpanzee!

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