12 Animals With Far Better Balance Than Professional Athletes

These guys could teach the “pros” a thing or two.

1. This dog has been chilling on her head all day…

ID: 1136273

Mark Sanchez was on his feet for about two minutes this season.

ID: 1136578

2. This is just a hobby…

ID: 1136367

This guy skates for a living.

ID: 1136666

3. This bunny didn’t even realize there was a pancake on its head…

ID: 1136274

Ryan Braun’s job is to run without falling.

ID: 1136659

4. This dog is a complete balancing badass…

ID: 1136285

This QB is simply on his ass.

ID: 1136800

5. This adorable pup runs around balancing a basketball on its nose…

ID: 1136459

This guy does his best Louis Mendoza impression during a shootout.

ID: 1136789

6. This cat knows you need balance in dire times…

ID: 1136679

Pablo Sandoval forgot one foot goes in front of the other.

ID: 1136920

7. This guy knows the importance of patience and balance in life…

ID: 1136271

This guy forgot he can’t fly.

Jamie Sabau / Getty Images
ID: 1136956

8. This dog knows not to leave paw prints at the scene of the crime…

ID: 1136397

This swimmer couldn’t handle the starting blocks.

ID: 1137025

9. This penguin can do no wrong…

ID: 1136407

Gio Gonzalez should re-evaluate his life choices.

ID: 1136946

10. This corgi is simply trying to help mother nature…

ID: 1136680

These BMXers are probably no longer “sponsored.”

ID: 1136979

11. This dog’s snout doubles as a Jenga table…

ID: 1136441

This Yankee knows exactly how to fall down.

Jim McIsaac / Getty Images
ID: 1136997

12. This elephant demonstrates grace and beauty…

ID: 1136364

This guy probably needs some new teeth.

ID: 1137023

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