Superhuman Deer Gets Hit By Bus, Ends Taking A Bus Ride

Deer videos have been making the rounds on the internet for a while but this one is a little special. And don’t worry, the deer ends up fine.

So let’s break it down, the bus driver is just driving along

ID: 1180333

Minding his own business

ID: 1180334

Then all of a sudden this happens

ID: 1180335

The driver should be like

ID: 1180337

But instead he’s like

ID: 1180340

And the deer just wants to get the fuck out of there

ID: 1180341

Like seriously

ID: 1180344

Then the only person on the bus slides her purse away so that the deer doesn’t steal it

ID: 1180348

And here is the masterpiece

ID: 1180679

Now for some reverting comments from reddit on the video

ID: 1180351

The End

ID: 1180354

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