19 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Miriam

Lessons learning from Miriam’s Daily Adventures webcomic.

1. Always take pleasure in the little things.

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2. Make sure sentimentalism doesn’t get in the way of what’s important.

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3. And although science can’t explain everything…

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4. …and we all need our safety blankets…

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5. You can always find the answers somewhere…

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6. Sometimes it’s best to work with what we’ve already got.

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7. …and demand straight answers

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8. Cause the only option is total control.

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9. So be direct about it

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10. Cause it’s always good to have a plan

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11. Cause life can be confusing at times

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12. So be savvy with your social media

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13. Always choose the eco-friendly option

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14. …and never feel bad about only doing what you want.

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15. Cause life is art

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16. and honesty is the best policy

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17. So when life is disappointing

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18. …remember to have perspective.

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19. …and if all else fails, have a drink.

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All images are from Miriam’s Daily Adventures which updates monday to fridays at www.miriamkendrick.co.uk

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