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19 Words You Never Knew Existed Until You Had Kids

No one told you having kids meant learning another language.

1. “Boppy.”

Flickr: johnandchristina / Via Creative Commons

Definition: A godsend when it comes to feeding babies and helping them nap. Also, an airplane pillow used by giants.

2. “Puffs.”

Flickr: pinprick / Via Creative Commons

Definition: The first snack food kids eat like crack.

3. “Heelys”


Definition: Shoes with wheels on the soles, aka how today’s kids fall on their faces.

4. “Bugaboo”

Flickr: eduydori / Via Creative Commons

Definition: An insanely expensive stroller that makes you wonder what the heck is wrong with your regular priced one.

5. “Vernix”

Flickr: mrsparkle / Via Creative Commons

Definition: The goop that’s on babies when they’re born.

6. “Onesie”

Definition: A unitard with snaps guaranteed to drive parents nuts that babies wear basically every day of their lives.

7. “Colic”

MitarArt / Via

Definition: When babies cry inconsolably for long periods of time, and their parents seriously need Calgon to take them away.

8. “Enchancia”


Definition: A magical kingdom home to Sophia the First that your kid insists on visiting via your TV every freaking day.

9. “Speckled rhombus”

Definition: One of the many types of rainbow loom bracelets that your kids WON’T. STOP. MAKING.

10. “Ferberize”

Flickr: zpeckler / Via Creative Commons

Definition: A sleep training method that often leaves parents teary eyed and traumatized.

11. “Meconium”

New Line Cinema

Definition: The nastiest thing that will ever come out of your baby, and that’s saying something.

12. “Montessori”

Definition: A style of education you don’t exactly understand but have heard works wonders.

13. “Skylander”

Flickr: abennett96 / Via Creative Commons

Definition: A bizarre gaming craze your kids would have you spend all of your disposable income on if they could.

14. “Nose Frida”

Definition: A gag-inducing yet impressively effective way to clear up your baby’s congestion.

15. “Colostrum”

Flickr: enid-w / Via Creative Commons

Definition: The first “milk” a mother makes which is both incredibly good for a baby and sort of weird compared to the milk that comes later.

16. “Sippy”

Flickr: futurestreet / Via Creative Commons

Definition: An unspillable cup that you secretly wish you could use too.

17. “Episiotomy”

Flickr: 8047619@N08 / Via Creative Commons

Definition: Ouch.

18. “Bjorn”

Warner Bros.

Definition: How you carry your kid around (and not just after you wake up in a hotel room with a tiger in the bathroom).

19. “Furbish”

Flickr: ericleeh / Via Creative Commons

Definition: The language spoken by your kid’s Furby, that is, until you take out the batteries.


A previous version misspelled “meconium” and “vernix.”

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