19 Of The Most Embarrassing Things Kids Have Ever Done

If any of these kids belong to you, well, I’m sorry.

Reddit users shared the most embarrassing things their kids ever did:

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1. “I received a note from my daughter’s preschool saying ‘Your daughter played duck, duck, goose but said vagina, vagina, penis.’”

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2. “At Montgomery Wards I was called over the intercom to come get my son because he was feeling up the mannequins in women’s clothing.”

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3. “At an automotive parts store my son pointed at an old man and very seriously said, ‘You’re going to die soon.’”

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4. “My 4-year-old saw an overweight man and asked while standing right next to him, ‘Mommy, is he pregnant?’”

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5. “During a quiet moment in church my kid randomly blurted out ‘Did you know aliens don’t have penises?’”

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6. Back in the days of restaurants having smoking sections, the hostess asked ‘Smoking or non?’ When I replied ‘Non,’ my 6-year-old said, ‘But you smoke pot, Mommy.’”

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7. “When we passed a group of Muslim women wearing burqas my 4-year-old daughter screamed, ‘Look, Daddy! Ninjas!’”

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8. “My son pretends he’s being filmed for a reality show everywhere we go and narrates what’s happening to imaginary cameras.”

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9. “When my daughter’s preschool teacher asked her if she had a fun weekend she replied, ‘We went on a beer run!””

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10. As we showered at the pool my nephew pointed to the man beside us and asked, “How come his is so much bigger than yours?”

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11. “We were shopping at Old Navy and there was a little person who worked there. My daughter said, ‘Hey, mommy, that’s a big little kid!’”

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12. “A very overweight woman was entering a store in front of us when my 4-year-old son loudly asked, ‘Mama, is she going to fit through the door?’”

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13. “The day before I was going to buy a new van my daughter told the cashier at the supermarket, ‘My mom is getting a new man!’”

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14. “I had diabetes when I was pregnant with my youngest, but my oldest told everyone I had diarrhea.”

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15. “My son was visiting me at work when he pointed to a pregnant co-worker and said, ‘I see your belly. I know what you did.’”

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16. “A cashier at the store had a mole with hair coming out of it. My daughter asked, ‘Do you know there’s whiskers coming out of that booger on your face?’”

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17. “My 4-year-old nephew saw an older gentleman with a big white beard at the store and yelled ‘HI, SANTA!!!’”

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18. “My daughter ran up to a fat man whose belly was hanging out of his T-shirt and tickled him while saying ‘I see your belly!’”

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19. “When our neighbor asked my son what I did for a living he said I sold drugs. I’m a pharmaceutical rep.”

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