27 People Who Are Way Worse At Parenting Than You

These “parents” will make you feel like a freaking Huxtable.

1. This mom desperate for a smoking buddy.

If you’re thinking, Aw, but it’s not even lit! go ahead and give yourself a “fail” too.

ID: 2423104

2. This partying pregnant lady.

Relax, people. I’m sure she’s taking her prenatal vitamins.

ID: 2422279

3. This nervous new dad.

ID: 2422406

4. These a-holes.

Let’s hope they’re dyslexics and really wanted to name their kid “Alan.”

ID: 2422349

5. Kelli.

ID: 2422242

6. This Dad of the Year.

ID: 2422251

7. This mom…

ID: 2422292

8. …and this dad who really need to re-read their car seat’s instruction manual.

The tl/dr of it: “Don’t do that.”

ID: 2422555

9. These parents who don’t even bother with a car seat.

ID: 2422580

10. This moron.

ID: 2422416

11. This guy who treats his kid like a rag doll…

ID: 2423700

12. …and this woman who is almost certainly his wife.

ID: 2422592

13. This mom on “Bring Your Kids to Work Day.”

ID: 2422224

14. This schmo who is guaranteed to be getting a whole lot of side-eye at the burrito joint.

ID: 2422922

15. This kid’s Maxim-subscribing dad…

ID: 2422884

16. …and this joker who makes the Maxim dad look good.

ID: 2423142

17. Ol’ sideburns.

Turn around and grab the hammer, gorgeous.

ID: 2422957

18. This oblivious mom…

ID: 2422894

19. This oblivious dad…

ID: 2422606

20. And this oblivious couple.

It’s a hat trick of obliviousness!

ID: 2422968

21. This guy who really needs to put down the phone and check on his kid.

ID: 2423054

22. This know-it-all who told his son riding a bike is easy.


The fact his kid is wearing a helmet actually makes him the best parent on the list.

ID: 2423367

23. This classy chap.

I think it’s fair to say that when you have kids, you need to stop wearing T-shirts like this. Actually, you shouldn’t wear them before kids, but that’s beside the point.

ID: 2423446

24. Whoever thought this was OK.

ID: 2423457

25. This traumatized kid’s parents.

So many questions. None I want answers to.

ID: 2423024

26. This soft-headed dad and his equally soft-headed wife.

ID: 2423460

27. And lastly, this basket case.

Now don’t you feel a whole lot better about yourself as a parent?

ID: 2423461

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