Having Kids: Expectations Vs. Reality

Your birth plan is just the first thing that won’t go as expected.

1. Expectation: How tired you’ll be.

NBC / Via replygif.net

2. Reality:

Fox / Via weheartit.com

3. Expectation: How your kids will behave in public.

auremar / Via shutterstock.com

5. Expectation: Your kid’s room.

Artazum and Iriana Shiyan / Via shutterstock.com

7. Expectation: How your kids will react to your cooking.

8. Reality:

Warner Bros. / Via sodahead.com

9. Expectation: Your child’s artistic expression.

michaeljung / Via shutterstock.com

10. Reality:

Luis Louro / Via shutterstock.com

11. Expectation: How your kids will get along.

13. Expectation: What co-sleeping will be like.

wavebreakmedia / shutterstock.com

15. Expectation: How you’ll react when your kids misbehave.

Bravo / Via huffingtonpost.com

16. Reality:

Lifetime / Via goodreads.com

17. Expectation: Your kid in youth sports.

19. Expectation: Your kid when you give advice.

Castle Rock Entertainment / Via glee.wikia.com

21. Expectation: How cool you’ll be.

MTV / Via carbonated.tv

22. Reality:

Universal Pictures / Via wifflegif.com

23. Expectation: How you’ll look after kids.

Toby Melville / Reuters

24. Reality:


25. Expectation: Your kids in their spare time.

27. Expectation: Baking for your kids.

29. Expectation: How much you’ll love your kids.

spotv / Via cbssports.com

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