23 DIY Holiday Gifts Kids Can Give To Their Parents

You don’t need a fat bank account to give the perfect gift.

1. Popsicle Stick Frames

These are super easy to make, and your kids will love getting to eat a popsicle or ten in the process. Find out how here.

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2. Personalized Coffee Mug

Transform a plain, dollar store coffee mug into a treasured keepsake. Find out how here.

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3. Lego Cufflinks

Guaranteed to add a little fun to any business suit. Find the how-to here.

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4. Handprint Calendar

Parents will love to see all the creative ways their kids used their handprints. Download the 2014 calendar how-to packet here.

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5. Homemade Butter and Spread

Easy and delicious! Find out how here.

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6. Kid Made Gift Wrap

Kids will have a blast making it, and parents will love the personal touch. Learn more here.

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7. Mini Book

These list ten things kids love about their parents. Guaranteed to make a mom or dad cry. Find the how-to here.

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8. Cookies in a Jar

If your kids can stop themselves from eating all the ingredients this makes a yummy gift. Learn more here.

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9. Embroidered Felt Purse

Moms can brag about their kid every time they pull out their purse. Find the directions here.

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10. Homemade Moss Terrarium

It’s a jar full of adorable gnomes. No amount of riches could buy a better present than that. Learn more here.

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11. Recycled Lid Photo Magnets

Turn used bottle caps and lids into adorable magnets! Find out how here.

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12. Chalkboard Coaster Set

These look both classy and homey at the same time. Find the how-to here.

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13. Mom’s Gazette

Breaking News! Read all about mom! Download the clip art here.

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14. Notebook iPad Cover

iPad covers can be expensive. This one is way more affordable and way cooler. Find the instructions here.

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15. Photo Series

Great for Mom too!

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16. Movie Buff Bowl

Perfect for any movie loving mom or dad (or both). Find the how-to here.

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17. Pixel Coasters

Older kids will be able to cross stitch these cool modern coasters using Hama beads. Find out how here.

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18. Gefilte Fish Plate

Kids can design their own gefilte fish plate - or any other plate they can dream up - at a paint your own pottery store.

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19. Clay Pinch Pots With Neon Accents

Use polymer clay to make these striking pots. Find out how here.

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20. Friendship Bracelets

These bracelets are great for parents who are the first friends we ever have, if you think about it. Find the how-to here.

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21. Decorated Golf Balls

The golfer in the family will love getting these golf balls with a touch of TLC. Learn more here.

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22. Business Card Holder

Perfect for Mom or Dad’s desk at work. Find out how here.

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23. Send a Hug

If a kid can’t be with one of their parents during the holidays, this awesome craft allows them to send a hug to them in the mail! Learn more here.

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