33 Genius Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Because just sitting on a shelf is so 2012.

1. The Voice

No one can hit a high note like an elf. From Picklehead Soup.

ID: 2065704

2. The Sketch Artist

Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic has nothing on this elf. From Say It, Don’t Spray It.

ID: 2065888

3. Playing Connect Four

Someone should warn Lalaloopsy that elves totally cheat. From Lil Blue Boo.

ID: 2066350

4. Elf

Enjoying Buddy the Elf’s famous spaghetti recipe. From I Heart Nap Time.

ID: 2066170

5. Teaching

Elves are known to be short with their students. From A Small Snippet.

ID: 2066884

6. Sack Race

Losing to an elf? Spiderman should be ashamed of himself. From Picklehead Soup.

ID: 2065782

7. A Charlie Brown Christmas

His advice is almost always “Drink more syrup.” From Picklehead Soup.

ID: 2065820

8. Nap Time

This elf likes his marshmallow firm. Find more Elf on the Shelf ideas using marshmallows at Bombshell Bling.

ID: 2065940

9. The Legend of Zelda

He’s just a Wii little elf.

ID: 2066421

10. Playing Twister

This elf suggested playing naked Twister, but thankfully the rest shot him down. From She Knows.

ID: 2067475

11. E(lf)mail

He’s kidding himself if he thinks Santa isn’t going to write him up. From Lil Blue Boo.

ID: 2066193

12. Gone Fishing

This elf is affectionately known at the North Pole as “Seabass.” From Rocking My 365 Project.

ID: 2067659

13. Leg Lamp

If the dad from A Christmas Story were an elf. From Picklehead Soup.

ID: 2065638

14. Captured by the Confederacy

Jennifer Saintz Photography

Help is on the way from the North. The North Pole, that is. From Jennifer Saintz Photography.

ID: 2066221

15. Downhill Skiing

Don’t worry, his hat is actually a top-of-the-line elf helmet. From Picklehead Soup.

ID: 2065551

16. Cooking

This elf is the definition of a short-order cook. From The Elf on the Shelf.

ID: 2067089

17. Making Pancakes

How cute are those tiny pancakes? From Home Stories A to Z.

ID: 2067694

18. Super Elf

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…an elf? From Busy Kids, Happy Mom.

ID: 2066386

19. Angry Birds

Even elves are hooked on Angry Birds. From Rocking My 365 Project.

ID: 2066409

20. Elf Crime

There are some bad elves out there, man. From Momma Melly.

ID: 2066486

21. Jailbird

He’ll be spending his days and nights in a 6-by-8-inch cell. From Santa’s Little Spy.

ID: 2066460

22. Date Night

Barbie insisted on the “lite” syrup. From Elf on the Shelf Ideas.

ID: 2066649

23. Playing Hoops

Clearly, the three wise men suck at basketball. From A Small Snippet.

ID: 2066767

24. Catching Some Rays

The scary thing is he’s not wearing his suit… He’s just really sunburned. From A Small Snippet.

ID: 2066796

25. Snowball Fight

Even Buzz is doomed against an elf. From Nelly Cole Photography.

ID: 2067753

26. Swinger

You can also make a little wrecking ball for a Miley elf. From A Small Snippet.

ID: 2066941

27. Candy Crazed

This poor elf is caught in a shame spiral. From A Life Examined.

ID: 2066959

28. Time Zones

This elf is totally on time. From The Elf on the Shelf.

ID: 2067146

29. Post Shower

Elves don’t naturally smell sugary sweet, you know. From She Knows.

ID: 2067450

30. Shaving

Little-known elf fact: They all participate in Movember. From A Small Snippet.

ID: 2067585

31. Spin the Bottle

This elf was hoping for Elmo but got Winnie. Awkward. From Homes in Alaska.

ID: 2067799

32. Cookies for One

That’s just cold, elf. From Homes in Alaska.

ID: 2067811

33. Harry Potter

I know, I know. This one totally wins the internet. From Shelf the Elf.

ID: 2067025

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