21 Genius Gadgets On Kickstarter Right Now

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1. This smart toilet paper holder.

RollScout will save you from ever getting stuck in the bathroom again by sending you an email or text the minute you’re out of toilet paper. It will also emit a bright light warning your guests of the T.P. situation before they sit down.

ID: 3491034

2. A smart phone mount that will seriously up your selfie game.

GripSnap attaches to almost any metal surface so that — along with a voice-activated timer app — you can get a hands-free selfie.

ID: 3491690

3. Slow-melting ice spheres that will make you the coolest home bartender around.

The Ice Chest makes ice that not only looks incredible, but keeps your drink cool without melting a lot longer than traditional ice.

ID: 3491875

4. A reusable coffee cup that fits in your pocket.

Ideal for the on-the-go coffee drinker, Smash Cup is also good for the environment as it eliminates waste created by disposable coffee cups.

ID: 3492241

5. A maintenance-free bike.

Priority bikes are designed specifically for ease of use by the average bike rider and can go many years and thousands of miles without needing to be serviced.

ID: 3493583

6. A backpack that charges your electronic devices on the go.

The Colfax Smart Pack also has integrated wireless mobile storage, which means you can access your files even when you’re away from an internet connection. It’s like having your own cloud storage in your backpack!

ID: 3492742

7. Turn any light into a smart light.

Emberlight allows you to control any dimmable lightbulb using your Wi-Fi and phone. You can even program it so that a light turns on when you and your smartphone approach, then turns itself off when you leave.

ID: 3494333

8. This ultimate party blender for the 21st century.

The Coolest has a built-in ice-crushing blender, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to blast music, a USB charger to recharge your electronics, plus other cool features.

ID: 3494263

9. The ultimate pre-packed disaster go bag.

The TOC Go Bag has everything you’ll need in the aftermath of a natural disaster, and includes a detailed handbook that explains how and when to use each item.

ID: 3492653

10. An impressively fast solar USB charger.

Solarpod Pyxis only needs an hour and a half in direct sunlight to have enough power to fully charge your phone. It also has the ability to charge two devices at the same time.

ID: 3494314

11. A smart alarm clock that wakes you at the right point in your sleep cycle so you don’t feel groggy.

Sense also tracks your sleep patterns and the conditions in your room to greatly improve how much rest you get each night.

ID: 3492990

12. A sleek, ultra-thin modern wallet.

Zenlet is intuitive to use, waterproof, and easily fits into a shirt pocket.

ID: 3492901

13. A device that turns a water bottle into a super soaker.

Aquabot fits onto most water bottles and has three spray patterns that are perfect for water fights, washing hands, and misting to stay cool.

ID: 3492880

14. A wearable device that tracks your exposure to the sun.

Violet syncs with your smart phone to alert you when you need to re-apply sunscreen, move into the shade, or go inside.

ID: 3492843

15. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

SQueo lets you do things that you wouldn’t dare before, like use your phone in the shower or keep the tunes going while on a floatie in the pool.

ID: 3493058

16. An exercise wheel for cats.

One Fast Cat has a streamlined design that safely allows indoor cats to get all the exercise they need.

ID: 3494403

17. Goggles that let you use your smartphone to watch 2D and 3D movies as well as virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Cmoar Smartphone Viewers are revolutionary projection goggles that do the work of many devices at an affordable price.

ID: 3494464

18. An indestructible Bible that is guaranteed to last forever.

The Forever Bible is waterproof, dirt-proof, and tear-proof thanks to space-age nanotechnology, and will even float in water!

ID: 3492519

19. A GPS tracker that can be put on anything.

Iota bills itself as “the smallest, most powerful GPS tracker in the world” and can be used to keep track of everything from your children to your car keys.

ID: 3494150

20. A lunch box that stores hot and cold food at the same time.

OmieBox has a built-in insulated bowl for hot food, and compartments around it for cold food. It’s also easy to open so even little kids can use it.

ID: 3493957

21. Lastly, a fully operational hoverbike.

Hoverbike is presently offering this one-third-scale version, but hopes to soon sell one that people will be able to use for transportation.

ID: 3494237

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