Breaking Down The Penguins/Flyers Pre-Wrestlemania Brawl

It’s all but assured that Pennsylvania’s two NHL franchises will meet in the first round of the playoffs. So naturally Sunday’s playoff preview would feature 50 minutes of penalty minutes and an epic brawl.

Well, this should teach those meddling Philadelphia Flyers not to cross-check the fragile Sidney Crosby. Or is it the nefarious Pittsburgh Penguins that now have a newfound respect for the consequences of hitting Danny Briere on the open ice? Regardless of lessons likely not learned, here are some of the most enduring images from Sunday’s brawl.

ID: 202978

2. The Check That Started It All

ID: 203064

3. Taking Dance Fighting To The Ice

ID: 203059

4. Brayden Schenn Gets Some Face Time

ID: 203089

5. Pierre McGuire: The World’s Most Professional Sideline Reporter

ID: 203042

6. Scott Hartnell Better Watch It, Brother

ID: 203069

7. Hulk Vs. Hartnell: The GIF Story

ID: 203076

8. The Flyer’s Bench Pre-Fight

ID: 203169

9. The Flyers’ Bench Post-Fight

ID: 203120

10. The Brawl In Its Entirety

ID: 203228

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