Newborns React To The Royal Birth.

We know what you think but lets hear from some of his possible suitors…

1. I’m thinking like a Spring Wedding.

ID: 1401496

2. I hope he doesn’t go bald like his Father.

ID: 1401520

3. I’m open to a pre-nup, sure!

ID: 1401507

4. No comment.

ID: 1401532

5. If he can learn to accept my fashion choices, I think we can make it work.

ID: 1401544

6. One things for sure, I’m not letting my older sister anywhere near him.

ID: 1401553

7. I hope he likes to drink.

ID: 1401559

8. Do you think he’s into Cougars.

ID: 1401589

9. If he’s gay, I got this!

ID: 1401609

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