Surreal Photos Of A House Nearly Getting Destroyed By A Giant Boulder

There are close calls, then there’s the “whoa, that giant rock almost took out my whole house” close calls.

1. This farmhouse in northern Italy narrowly escaped total destruction by an enormous boulder. The massive slab of rock barrelled through the countryside during a Jan. 21 landslide near the village of Ronchi di Termeno. Luckily, no one was hurt.

AP Photo/Markus Hell,

2. The giant rock destroyed the house’s barn before coming to a stop in the vineyard. However, it could have been way worse…

AP Photo/Markus Hell,

3. How much worse than a totally destroyed barn, you ask?

AP Photo/Markus Hell,

4. A second boulder came to a halt a mere foot from the house. Whoa.

AP Photo/Markus Hell,

5. Dang. That was close to being so much worse.

AP Photo/Markus Hell,

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