Shirtless Jogger Gets In Shouting Match With Mayor Rob Ford, Becomes Instant Canadian Hero


1. Meet Joe Killoran, a 35-year-old high school teacher from East York, Ontario. Killoran was out for a jog on Tuesday when he happened upon the East York Canada Day Parade and Mayor Rob Ford. Things got heated.


2. Killoran confronted Ford and demanded he answer questions about his alleged corruption, lying, racism, and homophobia. He then called Ford “a corrupt, lying, racist, homophobe.”


3. Then Ford’s brother and omnipresent defender Doug accused Killoran of being a plant from another campaign, and Killoran responded, “I’m out for a jog buddy. Do I look like I’m with a campaign?”


4. Watch the entire exchange between Shirtless Jogger and Ford Nation:

Every city has a superhero. Gotham: Superman, NY: Spider-Man, Toronto: #ShirtlessJogger.

— JoshHolliday (@Josh Holliday)

Has anyone found out #shirtlessjogger's relationship status? Asking for a friend...

— AshleyCsanady (@Ashley Csanady)

I'm totally OK with #shirtlessjogger for Mayor! <3

— juanmgc (@JUANMA)

In 60 seconds this guy has gained more credibility than Rob Ford in his entire career. #shirtlessjogger

— AlbertWHowell (@Albert Howell)

#shirtlessjogger said what a lot of us Canadians were thinking. This is a democracy

— philoverdrunk (@[])

Marry me #shirtlessjogger!!

— karinjorr (@Karin)

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