Iraqis Take To Twitter To Denounce ISIS And Call For An End To Sectarian Violence

Thousands are using the hashtag #NO2ISIS.

1. While fighting between Sunni extremists and the government continue in various cities around Iraq, people are taking to Twitter and using the hashtag #NO2ISIS to call for an end to the sectarian violence.

Keep speaking out against murder in Iraq, say #NO2ISIS

— SajadJiyad (@Sajad Jiyad)

Silence the oppressor. #No2ISIS #Yes2Iraq

— TheLuckyOneeeee (@// صراط //)

If we stand together we can beat anyone! Me & Brother Zeinalabedine #NO2ISIS #PrayforIraq

— rob_cart123 (@Muhammad Ali Carter)


— malhilli (@Mohammed Al-Hilli)

Continue raising your voices against violent extremists ISIS #NO2ISIS

— SajadJiyad (@Sajad Jiyad)


— GHayder (@GM)

Every1 with compassion for life, regardless of religion or nationality should stand against ISIS #NO2ISIS

— Mehdi_Fawzi (@M. Mehdi Hamza)


— The14Masumeen (@TheFourteenMasumeen)

This has nothing to do with religion & everything to do with #humanity. #No2ISIS #Iraq #IraqisAreUnitedAgainstTerror

— DrTJabbar (@Dr T Jabbar)

Everyone with compassion for human life, regardless of religion & nationality should stand against ISIS #no2isis

— SajadJiyad (@Sajad Jiyad)

#Shia and #Sunni will stand side by side and declare #No2ISIS

— Hu55einH (@حسين سجاد حسين)

Iraq will be free from terrorism. #NO2ISIS

— MustafaNajafi (@Mustafa Ali Masood)

Save Iraq from bloodshed. #NO2ISIS

— siddikag (@Siddika)

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