Awesome Stacks Of Books Found In Offices

The workplace is a great place for collections of literature that employees will most likely never read. Here are the books lying around the offices of media companies, from the resourceful to the ridiculous. posted on

The bookshelf of Andrea Syrtash, relationship author and contributor to, Yahoo, MSN

Books piled at the GOOD Magazine office

A stack at the Vol. 1 Brooklyn office.

Some books at the LongReads office.

The office of Will Leitch, Yahoo! movie blog The Projector / New York Magazine

A red bookshelf in the Talking Points Memo office. Also, a mop.

A stack next to the New York Observer’s Arts & Culture desk.

The bookshelf of’s Whitney Jefferson

The Consequence of Sound bookshelf. I want that Rock Coloring Book.

The Serious Eats office. The usually receive about five new cookbooks a day.

The desk of Dan Reilly, Editor,

VH1 only has magazines lying around the office.

The desk of Scott Kleinberg, social media specialist at Chicago Tribune.

The books of Emily McCombs, Say, what’s that little device on top?

The social media desk at Red Eye Chicago.

Books aplenty at NY Magazine.

The bookshelf of Erica Berger, The Economist

The desk of Katla McGlynn, Huffington Post Comedy editor.

The bookshelf of Guinevere de la Mare, Community Manager at Chronicle Books.

The bookshelf of Alex Segura, Archie Comics

The desk of National Post’s @Andrea_Ball. Zombies Vs. Unicorns is a fine literary work.

National Post Personal Financial columnist Jon Chevreau’s desk. Wow.

The “For Review by Ben Schwartz” shelf at The Atlantic.

The Babble bookshelf.

The desk of Choire Sicha, The Awl

Selections from the Deadspin office.

The desk of Adrian Chen (Gawker)

The Mashable office. That’s their Chief Morale Officer, Franklin.

John Abell, the Wired NYC Bureau Chief’s books.

The desk of @ProducerMatthew (SacTown Media)

the desk of Aimée Bell, Vanity Fair’s HOT TYPE and Deputy Editor.

From the home office of Adriana Nova, Manager of Social Media at New York Magazine (@Vulture)

The office of The Rumpus, featuring a knife they like to keep around called “The General.”

The Flavorpill/Flavorwire office. Men Of A Certain Age on DVD?

The official Gunaxin bookshelf.

National Lampoon’s office. Couldn’t be more appropriate.

The “books cube” at The Village Voice.

A stack at OMGICU HQ.

From the desk of Rina Raphael, The Today Show.

From The College Humor office. I can’t really tell what they’re reading. I’m just impressed by their stacking technique (and Sad Keanu).

The Slate office. Suffice to say, they have more copies of The 9/11 Commission Report than BuzzFeed.

The Reuters NYC office.

Katie Rogers’ desk at The Washington Post.

The How About We office. How appropriately sexy.

The home office of Rosa Golijan,

The desk of Sarah Epler, @MTV on Twitter.

A dark place in the Death + Taxes office.

The “Free Books Bin” and a giant cocktail glass of books that Washington Post gets for review. (c/o Short Form Blog / Washington Post Express)

The Huffington Post office. Probably the most aesthetically appealing photo in the collection. Definitely the only one that includes Soleil Moon Frye’s book.

The BuzzFeed office.

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