20 Inspiring, Smile-Inducing Photos Of The Single Best Moments Of People’s Lives

I actually physically can’t stop smiling after looking at these.

Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch had a great idea last night on Twitter.

Inspired by a photograph of a fellow member of the sport media celebrating with his older brother after his bro won an NCAA hockey championship at Yale, Deitsch asked “How many of you have a photograph of the single best moment of your life? The responses will make your heart melt. Deitsch FTW.

@richarddeitsch My nephew was born a week before my grandfather died. I took one pic of all 4 generations together. http://t.co/x5jLOiFWG4

— the506 (@JP Kirby)

@richarddeitsch @sports_casters Easy choice.. Jordan & Nola coming into my life on 11/8/11.. And every day since!

— RobCarlinCSN (@Rob Carlin)

@richarddeitsch I came home from Iraq (2nd tour) and got to hug my mom!

— TheKenChin (@Ken)

@richarddeitsch My mother, who was my school's superintendent my high school career, after she handed me my diploma

— Lanentations (@Lane Smith)

@richarddeitsch @Sports_Casters Set an American Record in the midst of a quarter life crisis

— anngaff (@Ann Gaffigan)

@richarddeitsch @Sports_Casters Qualifying for the Boston Marathon a year after dropping out at Mile 25

— nathangiannini (@Nathan Giannini)

@richarddeitsch first time I played catch with my son. @dodger stadium

— BigScaryMexican (@Jerry Carmona)

@richarddeitsch @Sports_Casters my son's first (and only) TD...he's a soccer player now. :)

— mtpropst (@Todd Propst)

@richarddeitsch @Sports_Casters My wife's sons waiting to walk her down the aisle. Sonoma. Just two weekends ago.

— BigBlueWest (@Ryan Wallace)

@richarddeitsch @Sports_Casters Me! After @Cuse made the Final Four! (In the middle)

— KevinBelbey (@Kevin Belbey)

@richarddeitsch @Sports_Casters 3 years ago, the moment.

— AdamCurtiss (@Adam Curtiss)

@richarddeitsch @Sports_Casters or this: graduating from high school 3 months after my transplant to a standing o'

— jrutman (@Jer Rutman)

@richarddeitsch @Sports_Casters graduated @SyracuseU 6 months after being diagnosed with brain cancer

— RobLong47 (@Rob Long)

@richarddeitsch @Sports_Casters Hired a photographer in Paris to snap photos of my proposal

— Wx_Ben (@Ben Walnick)

@richarddeitsch my first experience at @CarnitasSnacks

— EddieK619 (@Ed Kahn)

@richarddeitsch @Sports_Casters Not a moment, but after taking steps to be my true self, I found the love of my life.

— KaraAndDeb (@Kara & Deb)

23. Great job, everyone.

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